What Can You Accomplish in 90 Seconds?

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What Can You Accomplish in 90 Seconds?

Through Pushups For Charity™, in 90 seconds you can help military returning from combat.

Pushups for Charity™ is a 90 second push up challenge that raises money to go straight to our nation’s military personnel, that will be offering assistance to– past and present – who were either physically or emotionally wounded in service.

For all of us who want to actually do something and make a real difference in the lives of the people who have laid their lives on the line for our country…

Pushups For Charity™ is perfect.

In 2012, Pushups for Charity™ raised $300,000 for the Boot Campaign, allowing the nonprofit to provide assistance such as mortgage-free housing and PTSD counseling to our nation’s wounded defenders.

This year, the goal for Pushups for Charity™ is to raise one million to fund the Boot Campaign’s five (5) distinct initiatives— Housing, Jobs, Wellness, Family Support and Urgent Assistance.

Take 90 seconds, and help those that have given so much to each of us.

3 ways to help

1-  Join a local Pushups For Charity® Host
Help support our returning military raising money and doing push ups.

2-  Donate Now
If you are unable to attend a local event simply click the button below to donate.

3-  Become A Host

One of the most rewarding and meaningful things we do in life is give.

Give someone 90 seconds.

You’ll be glad you did!

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