Boot Campaign

combatboots dollypartonThe Boot Campaign embodies the spirit of Push Ups for Charity.  The whole purpose of the Boot Campaign is to make a difference in the lives of wounded military both retired and active duty.  They do this in two ways, one is through the sale of their signature combat boots and second is by partnering with businesses in awareness events.  That’s why the Boot Campaign and PUC are coming together: to make a difference for these; our wounded military heroes!

What started as an idea by five women, to honor troops for their sacrifices, has become a national non-profit charity organization that donated over a million dollars, in their second year of operation, to charities meeting the needs of wounded military.  It all began with a simple request by the  Boot Girls  who asked celebrities to take a moment and appreciate their freedom, by wearing boots for a photo.  It snowballed from there to the point that the Boot Campaign offers over 15 different styles of boots including an assortment of OSHA approved steel-toe work boots for hardworking Americans in industries where safety boots are required.   

combatboots dwaynejohnson2The goal is to promote patriotism, raise awareness of veteran’s issues, and provide funds to assist our military heroes.  They do this by selling boots and participating in awareness events like PUC!  It’s as easy as 1,2,3!  So what are you waiting for?  Get your boots ON and know your action is changing the lives of those who have protected ours!

Learn more by watching the video below!

Look Who's Got Their Boots On

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