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How a Single Pushup
Ignited an Inspiring National Movement...

And Watch Your Business Prosper
When You Get Behind
Pushups For Charity™

Sean Greeley

Dear Friend,

This doesn't happen very often.

This is one of those rare times in life when you have an opportunity to do something that will make a real difference.

Something that tells the community that you're the type of person who takes a stand.

That you're somebody who "gets it" when it comes to making sure your business is giving back.

You may have heard about Pushups For Charity™. It's a national campaign that gives people an easy way to get fit, have some fun, and raise money for the Boot Campaign™.

Our friends with the Boot Campaign™ do amazing work to help our servicemen and women make the tough adjustments back to civilian life.

Last year, with our help, this work included giving 14 veterans mortgage-free homes.

So for all of us who want to feel more than a debt of gratitude...

For all of us who want to actually do something, and make a real difference in the lives of the people who have laid their lives on the line for our country...

Pushups For Charity™ is perfect.

Here's how it works, here's how you can get involved, and here's the kind of dramatic difference you can make.

How a Simple Idea
Has Taken The Country By Storm

The concept is simple.

Get a bunch of people together who've collected pledges, and see how many pushups they can do in ninety seconds.

The money that's raised goes to the Boot Campaign.™ You host the event at your facility, and team up your business with this respected national brand.

Pushups For Charity™ was born in the fitness industry. For the first few years, local events were hosted by gyms and personal trainers, people with a passion for fitness and a passion for giving back to their communities.

Now, we're witnessing the growth of the movement beyond the fitness industry. So whether you run a gym or a real estate office, you can join this movement and take a position of leadership in your community.

Last year, Pushups For Charity™ raised more than $300,000. There is such a groundswell of support, so much excitement, and so much momentum, that 2013 is the year we plan to raise $1,000,000.

Yes... this million-dollar goal is bold.

But because you're the kind of person who never backs away from a challenging goal, I know you're onboard for this.

How Five Women in Texas Are Making a Difference

The Boot Campaign™ was born six years ago when five women in Texas got together and decided to do something for our veterans.

They had just read Lone Survivor by Marcus Lutrell, and they were moved to take action.

So they came up with the idea of selling combat boots, not just as a way to raise money, but to raise awareness by starting conversations.

After all, when you see somebody like Troy Aikman wearing combat boots, chances are you're going to ask him why.

So today, all sorts of people are out there in their boots. People like Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly, Dwayne Johnson with the WWE, and country music legend Dolly Parton.

All sorts of people, from all kinds of walks of life, are walking in these boots.

And I would like to invite you to wear them too.

Here's How Easy It is To Make Pushups For Charity™ Happen

The hard work has been done for you. Just tell us you're in, and my team will make everything easy for you to execute.

I'll get you plugged in to the event host training, which breaks everything down, step-by-step.

You can go through this training whenever you want, live or on-demand, based on your schedule.

This will give you everything you need, all the tools to start building exposure, excitement, and participation.

This year, we're doing more than ever to make Pushups For Charity™ a no-brainer to execute. It's easier than ever to be a host.

You'll be part of a national campaign anchored by a single website that does all of the work for you. Just drive people to the site to signup, and we'll take care of the rest.

All of the pledges, the special email campaigns participants use to raise money and raise awareness for your facility, all this is taken care of for you.

Get Onboard to Take Advantage of NEW National Exposure

ALL NEW for 2013... a national campaign that will raise awareness levels, and drive people who want to take part directly to you.

The Pushups For Charity™ network is now hitting critical mass, and it's created a massive funnel that will steer participants to your event.

All across America, people are getting involved because of fitness, the opportunity to give back, and to have some fun.

We've got you covered on everything, from the nuts and bolts of execution to all of the marketing.

You're getting a complete game plan that breaks it all down, and makes it easier than ever to turn Pushups For Charity™ into an event you'll be proud of.

  • Fire up all new marketing tools that give you powerful new ways to create leads and raise your visibility.
  • Ride the wave of the national publicity that's being created, with your own directory listing on the ALL NEW national website.
  • Deploy the automated tools to reach out to participants every step of the way... thank them for registering, give them training tips, encourage them, show them how to grow their pledges, and then, when the event is over, thank them for taking part.
  • Launch an ALL NEW lineup of fine-tuned social media tools that keep you perfectly integrated with YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Grab real time reporting so you can see exactly how your participants are doing.
  • Check out the competition, to see how your event is coming together when stacked up against all the rest of the Pushup For Charity™ events being staged around the country.
  • Unleash the step-by-step publicity tools to make a dramatic impact on local media.

And because your participants automatically get everything they need, from donation forms to emails they can send out to friends and family, you're not bogged down in the details.

There's a lot more. We've got it all covered.

And to make the event even more fun... to give all our event hosts an extra opportunity to shine on a national stage... we've lined up an awesome bunch of prizes.

Capture the Excitement of Being Part of a National Contest
And Compete Against Your Peers

We've lined up prizes for you, the event host.

And we've also lined up prizes for the participants who'll be taking part.

Here's what you'll be competing for.


2 Boot Ride & Rally tickets to the Sons of Anarchy Boot Ride and Rally in LA. Your flights and your hotel are covered by NPE.

You'll also get a very cool feature listing on the Boot Campaign™ website, and a custom video thank you from Chad Fleming and the Boot Girls.

PLUS a co-branded cooler filled with PUC gear AND some Boot Campaign™ swag, including a pair of "Give Back Boots."

And to round it all out, you'll get a pair of tickets for the Fox Sunday NFL experience.


2 Boot Ride & Rally tickets to the Sons of Anarchy Boot Ride and Rally in LA. Your flights and your hotel are covered by NPE. You'll also get the cool feature listing on the Boot Campaign website, and a custom video thank you from Chad Fleming and the Boot Girls.


2 Boot Rally tickets to the Sons of Anarchy Boot Ride and Rally in LA. Your flights and your hotel for 2 are covered by NPE.

Remember... these are prizes you're competing for as an event host.

Last year, fitness businesses all over America were competing for top honors.

Here's What Your Participants Can Win

We're taking good care of our participants. The people out there rounding up pledges, and training to crank out as many pushups as possible in ninety seconds.

The folks out there raising awareness for your facility, the Boot Campaign™, and the special needs of our service men and women coming back home.


2 tickets to the Sons of Anarchy Boot Ride and Rally in LA, with airfare and hotel covered by NPE. PLUS a co-branded cooler filled with PUC gear AND Boot Campaign swag including a pair of "Give Back Boots."


2 Boot Rally tickets to the Sons of Anarchy Boot Ride and Rally in LA. Flights and Hotel Covered by NPE.


Co-branded cooler filled with PUC gear AND Boot Campaign swag including a pair of "Give Back" Boots.

Think these prizes will create some buzz and stir things up in your town?

Absolutely, especially with all the powerful visibility-building tools you'll get when you come onboard.

And don't forget all of the national exposure, built to drive people to your community's Pushups For Charity™ event.

Why Some Businesses Lead
When Others Are Satisfied to Follow

When you come down to it, Pushups For Charity™ is all about taking a stand.

It is the simple but powerful act of doing something to show that you admire and appreciate the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform.

It is a way for us to show our respect, and to give back.

For some of us, this issue hits home more deeply than it does for others.

But for all of us, Pushups For Charity™ represents a very special opportunity.

As Clint Barr, with Raising the Bar Fitness in Ridgeland, Mississippi puts it, "I participate in PUC and will continue to participate in PUC to honor every man and woman who has served or currently serves. Without them I wouldn't have the freedom I currently enjoy."

Your modest investment for participation makes sure we cover our expenses, so that the money we raise goes to where it's needed... our servicemen and women who need a hand.

This Cause is So Important
I Am Removing All of Your Risk
With A 100% Money Back Guarantee

When you say "yes" and tell me that you're going to make Pushups For Charity™ happen, I've got your back.

Follow the plan, and if this campaign doesn't deliver everything I've told you it will, just tell me and I'll cut you a check. You've got a full refund on your investment coming to you.

All I ask is one thing. Do not get involved in Pushups For Charity™ unless your head... and your heart... are in the game. If giving back isn't really that important, and if stepping up to take a leadership role in your community is uncomfortable, this isn't for you.

A Special Message
For People Who Think They're Too Busy
To Get Involved

The two most meaningless words in America these days just might be, "I'm busy."

Isn't that kind of like saying, "I'm breathing?"

All of us are busy. Look at how many folks are working two, even three jobs. How about all the hours you're putting in, maybe some split shifts, those early mornings and late nights.

We're all busy. But hopefully we're never too busy to do the right thing when the opportunity comes along.

Even if our calendars are crammed with projects, promotions, and campaigns we are committed to execute, we should not be so busy, and so inflexible, that we miss out on the chance to get involved with something this special.

If you think you're too busy to make Pushups For Charity™ an important part of your business this year, may I respectfully ask you to think this through again?

I know that many of you are focused and committed to the game plan you have laid out for 2013 and you're pushing hard to make it happen.

I get it. Following your plan is definitely the way to go. Just make sure your plan allows for a little flexibility, so you can make the adjustments that mean the difference between moving ahead a little and moving ahead a lot.

Don't Make The Mistake
Of Underestimating This Movement's Power

Pushups For Charity™ isn't just something nice to do if you have the time. It's not just a fundraiser.

It is a statement you make. A statement that sends the unmistakable signal that you and your business stand above the others.

That your commitment to your community, to America, and to the men and women who have worn our uniform, is unwavering.

You don't have to say a word. Talk is cheap.

All you have to do is stand behind this event in your community and your position will change. People will see you differently. New doors will open, new opportunities will present themselves, and new relationships will develop.

No matter how connected you are to your community, hosting a Pushups For Charity™ event will cement these connections with a new strength.

In ways that you cannot imagine, the good work you do will come back to reward you.

But that's just a side effect. What really matters here is that you are standing up, taking a stand, and saying, "I care, and I'm taking action."

This Is Your Time

Please raise your hand. Tell me you're in.

This is your time to take your business to a higher level. To help make sure that the very real needs of the men and the women who have served our country are met.

To show your community that what you do has purpose and principle.

I know I can count on you to help us push this vital movement forward.

And for just $397, you'll get everything you need...

    A complete collection of done for you marketing tools... just plug them in and watch the visibility start to build.
  • Automated systems that strip all of the work out of managing your participants... they'll be able to collect, track, and turn in pledges, contact friends, and encourage more participants to take part.
  • Step-by-step training, scheduled at your convenience, so you'll know exactly what to do to make your event a massive success.
  • A powerful national publicity campaign for you to be a part of.
  • ALL NEW social media tools, each one fine-tuned to keep you dialed in with YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Complete national prize fulfillment... all taken care of, and nothing for you to arrange when your event creates winners.
  • National tracking tools... so you can keep an eye on how your event is stacking up against the national competition, as participants register and pledges pile up.

...and much, much more!

This is Your Time

If for any reason, after you host the event, follow the plan, and decide your involvement in Pushups For Charity™ doesn't deliver, you will receive a complete refund. No questions asked. You'll get your entire investment returned. It's that simple.


Add to Cart $397

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Thank you for stepping up and taking a stand. Your decision to be a part of this means a lot.

To Your Business Success,


Pushups For Charity™ FAQs

Q: How have you made it easier than last year?

A: We've created one national website, so there's no complicated programming for you to do. Everything is integrated... all you have to do is use the easy tools to drive people to the site and sign up.

There are fewer moving pieces and fewer tasks for you to execute.

Q: Why do I have to sign up and pay a fee to host the event if it's all for charity?

A: We want to "pay our own way" and not saddle the people with The Boot Campaign™ with a bunch of bills. We are asking you to help share the costs of website development, photo shoots, video production, training, and all the other expenses that pile up. National campaigns like this are not inexpensive, and we're all in it together.

Q: If I'm not in the fitness industry, and my business isn't a gym, why should I get involved?

A: It's a fun way to remind the people in your company about the importance of fitness. It's a great way to do some internal team-building, and to raise your visibility in the community. No matter what kind of a business you run, Pushups For Charity™ gets you involved with an important cause in a meaningful way.

Q: How do I know the money goes to the people who need it?

A: The Boot Campaign™ is registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, regularly files reports with regulators, and has established an enviable reputation.

You can see the latest Boot Campaign™ financial statement right here.

It manages its expenses carefully. That's why in 2012, it was able to provide more than $1.1 million in distributions to groups such as:

  • The Marine Recovery Fund
  • The Lone Survivor Foundation
  • Military Warriors Support Foundation
  • Wounded Wear
  • Not Alone
  • Special Ops Survivors
  • The Armed Forces Foundation

Our friends at the Boot Campaign™ get after it every day. Their passion is inspiring, and the work they do is special.

Q: If I get involved, what's expected of me?

A: Just follow the step-by-step plan. Watch the training. Delegate simple tasks to your staff. And then, stage the event. As you've seen, staging the event can be as easy as heading outside to your parking lot.

Q: I love what you're doing, I want to help, but I also don't want to stretch myself too thin. I'm busy running my business, and before I can make a decision, I need to know how much time is involved?

A: I can't give you an exact answer like "three and half hours." But here's what I can tell you.

When you pull Pushups For Charity™ into your calendar of events, and schedule it as part of your organization's operations, it becomes much easier to manage. Because of the training and tools you get, the amount of time you spend planning is minimal. It's the actual day of the event when you'll be investing your time.

But remember... this is time you're spending with clients, prospects, and community members, which is about as good a use of your time as it gets.

Q: What if I don't think my event can raise a lot of money?

A: That's not the primary goal. The goal is getting involved, making a stand, and telling the community you care. Nobody is going to consider your event a failure because you only raise a thousand dollars. Taking the first step is what matters. Show the community what you're all about. Break away from the pack.

"The tools and resources PUC gives you made putting on an event of this magnitude a piece of cake."

Every year the event gets bigger and bigger and we get more recognition. For the last 2 years the Mayor of Houston made a proclamation that it was Pushups for Charity Day on the actual day that we did the event !!

We've been on all the major news networks including the Spanish stations, AND have been invited back on their programs at different times during the year, something which definitely wouldn't have been possible without first having the charity event.

We have raised around $40,000 in the last 3 years.

While I could certainly create an event and host it, having the tools and resources which PUC gives you made putting on an event of this magnitude a piece of cake.

Hosting the event will introduce your facility as one which provides a great service and gives back to the community in a big way. PUC will be an annual event for my facility forever!

Tom Jackobs
Body 3 Fitness
Houston, TX

"More new clients, better camaraderie and better retention from our existing clients."

2013 will be my third year doing Pushups for Charity™. It has been one of the most fun, rewarding, yet easy to organize and host, events that I've ever done. I have raised over $19,000 for the men and women of our armed services.

I could never have personally donated that amount of money, but with the help of the Pushups for Charity™ team I've been able to organize my list into a very powerful charitable group and raise it.

I could not be more proud of this event. The publicity and community building goodwill that it has created around my facility has definitely benefited us, with more new clients and better camaraderie and retention from our existing clients.

I would highly recommend every gym owner get involved in PUC. Do some good work and help yourself be more successful.

Ryan Joiner
Athlon Fitness & Performance
San Luis Obispo, CA

"The best part of being a host - the chance to give back and make a difference."

I've been involved in PUC since the very beginning in 2010. Giving back is extremely important to me and charity is one of the core values of Performance Fitness, so getting involved in Pushups for Charity™ was a logical fit.

When I was in college for my music therapy degree, one of my clinical assignments was at the VA Hospital in East Orange, New Jersey.

Here were all of these guys who had been wounded, both physically and mentally in combat. These people had made HUGE sacrifices, but didn't have all the support that they needed to live fulfilling, productive, happy lives.

Being involved in PUC is my way to give back to those men, and ALL the men and women who currently serve our country. That's the best part of being a host – the chance to give back and make a difference.

The chance to give back, the chance to make a difference, the chance to work with and build your community, both in your business and the greater community, is SO worth it.

Michelle Collier
Performance Fitness
Mavertown, PA

The Top 10 Host Fundraisers for 2012

  1. Clint Barr, Raising the Barr Fitness, Ridgeland, MS $25,502
  2. John Heringer, Fast Action Training, San Jose, CA $20,868
  3. Eric Gelder, Body Envy Fitness, Chandler, AZ $20,111
  4. Brad Linder, Get You in Shape, Coppell, TX $16,856
  5. Paul Fetters, the Training Spot, Huntington Beach, CA $14,632
  6. Michelle Collier, Performance Fitness, Mavertown, PA $12,820
  7. Trent Mitchell, Mitchell Fitness, Torrance, CA $12,006
  8. Billy Beck III, BB3 Personal Training Center, Sunrise, FL $10,053
  9. Ryan Joiner, Athlon Fitness & Performance, San Luis Obispo, CA $9,430
  10. Tom Jackobs, Body3 Fitness Center, Houston TX $9,164

"It definitely added to our bottom line and the relationships that we built as a result of it have been priceless."

I am SO Happy we did it. Helping our soldiers who protect our freedom is something close to my heart. My father was in the Special Forces in Vietnam and he ingrained in me the values of a soldier – so participating in PUC was something that I couldn't wait to get involved in!

Promoting the event was a lot of fun and it really brought our team together. We would brainstorm insane ideas, like the Pushups flash mob, and then hop in our cars and go do it. We raised over $10,000, and fortified our standing in the community as a force for good.

That's the best part about being a PUC host – the team and community building. It definitely added to our bottom line and the relationships that we built as a result of it have been priceless.

This year I'm really excited about PUC because I know what Sean has planned and it is going to be even more simple to put into action, more effective and more AWESOME!

If you are a trainer or fitness business owner and you don't jump all over this opportunity to grow and become so much more, then you are missing out.

Billy Beck III
BB3 Personal Training & Performance Center
Sunrise, FL

"It's my way, the best way that I know, to give back and be part of something bigger than just my business."

When PUC was first introduced three years ago, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. It's about giving back, and this is a great way that we can show our support. I also like the big picture part of it, that I am just one of many fitness businesses across America hosting an event to raise money for our soldiers.

Pushups For Charity™ is one of the biggest events we put on each year. It helps us let the community know what our business, Get You In Shape, is all about. Our clients take ownership and pay it forward by helping us spread the word.

Our local Fire and Police Departments have become involved. Last year, we had Sgt. Joey Jones and a few other folks from the Boot Campaign join in.

Over the last 3 years we have raised a total of $48,000. This year we aim to get even more people involved and keep that total going up.

It's my way, the best way that I know how, to give back and be part of something bigger than just my business, and making an impact in our community by helping others.

Brad Linder
Get You in Shape
Coppell, TX

"We look forward to making our event even bigger this year."

2012 was my first year of being a part of PUC and it was a truly AWESOME experience... we raised over $20,000.

PUC has really helped foster a stronger relationship with our members. They appreciate how much we give back, and they enjoy being part of the event, making such a positive impact, and giving to others.

The best part of being a host for me is being the focal point of all the positive energy and charitable spirit, all the great exposure for our business, and the MAIN thing is the reward of giving back to our soldiers.

We look forward to making our event even bigger this year, with a greater number of people involved, raising more money, and being a beacon of positive energy for our community.

John Heringer
Fast Action Training
San Jose, CA


  1. New doors will immediately open. Your participation creates rewarding new opportunities to grow both your personal and professional networks.
  2. Your position as the fitness business leader in your community is cemented, because of the commitment you have made to an important issue that touches so many people.
  3. The investments you have already made in marketing will be multiplied. The effectiveness will double, even triple, by leveraging the power of cause marketing.
  4. Your alignment with a respected national brand means that positive feelings in the community will "rub off" onto your business, helping you reinforce all of the advantages you provide.
  5. Your team-building will be strengthened, your staff will be energized, and their work will take on a new level of meaning.
  6. Your clients, members, and prospects, will have new reasons to expand their involvement with your business. In many cases, your existing clients will take an active role in recruiting their friends and family members.
  7. Long after the event is over, the pledges have been collected and the prizes have been awarded, you'll be known in the community as the place that cares, and makes fitness fun.

"It has made a dramatic impact on my business within the community, as well as making my relationship with my clients stronger and better."

I have been a part of PUC since it's inception. In our first 3 years, we've raised over $42,000, which includes the $25,502 we raised last year as the nation's top Pushups For Charity™ event.

I never served in the military, but have several uncles and cousins who have served or are currently serving. My two youngest brothers, twins, both currently serve, one in the Army and the other in the Marines.

I participate in PUC and will continue to participate in PUC to honor them, and every other man and woman who has served or currently serves. Without them I wouldn't have the freedom I currently enjoy.

Hosting a PUC event is very rewarding because not only am I giving back to so many who have sacrificed, but I'm also increasing community awareness and involvement. It has made a dramatic impact on my business within the community, as well as making my relationship with my clients stronger and better.

If you want to experience a small part of what I've experienced, I highly recommend getting involved with this movement. This year is gonna be huge with the upgrades provided to us from the PUC support staff, and the improvements made to the entire process.

Get involved, give back and make a difference!

Clint Barr
Raising the Barr Fitness
Ridgeland, MS

"My staff has been super supportive and the program has been instrumental in team building."

I participate in PUC because community involvement has always been a goal of mine. I just didn't have the vehicle to do this in a big way until PUC came along, so I jumped on it immediately!!

I was one of the very first to sign up to participate 3 years ago, and we have had the pleasure of donating over $45,000 to our wounded service men and women, and to this awesome cause.

We have been recognized by our local media, our clients, and our community as a business that cares about charities, and is giving back in a very powerful way. My staff has been super supportive, and the program has been instrumental in team building.

I would definitely recommend Pushups For Charity™. It gets bigger, better and easier to host every year. It provides an opportunity to help a great cause, it's easy, and it works. You will not be sorry.

Paul Fetters
The Training Spot
Huntington Beach, California