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Win 2 Tickets To The Boot Ride in Hollywood, CA on August 26th By Supporting Pushups For Charity and Raising Funds For The Boot Campaign!

We had a great time visiting the Infusionsoft offices last Friday and introducing you all to Pushups To Charity.

A BIG "thank you" goes out to the executive team for allowing us to participate in your monthly company meeting.


And a special congrats go to the Infusionsoft pushup champions Blake Ghormley (75 pushups) and Kara Barney (61 pushups). You guys CRUSHED IT and a pair of boots and t-shirts are on their way to you now!


Something I get to share with you is that we have a national contest going on right now across all 113+ events taking place across the country. And at the moment Kara has the top female score reported in the country so far. That's legit!

The Contest (and FUN!)

We have a national goal to raise $500,000 this year for the Boot Campaign.

And to have some fun we're holding a contest from now until June 19th.

The Infusionsoft employee who raises the most funds for the Boot Campaign will receive 2 tickets to the Boot Ride event in Hollywood, CA on August 26th with the cast of the hit FX show Sons of Anarchy.


Here how you can participate:

1. Join the team or simply donate on our Crowdrise fundraising platform here.

2. Post to your Facebook, Twitter, or email your friends and family to ask them to make a donation and support you.

3. All donations will receive a tax-deductible receipt from donations as the Boot Campaign is an 501c3 organization dedicated to simple acts of patriotism, raising awareness for our military, and giving to honor those who serve and have served.

Here's How to Join The Team!

Click on the image above to be taken to the official Infusionsoft Team Page.

Once you're on the team page, locate the grey "Join the Team" button under the main information section and click on it.


Once you click the "Join the Team" button, you will be asked to either sign up for Crowdrise, if you're not an existing member or sign in if you already have a user name and password. If you're not currently a member, simply follow the steps to sign up and create a user name and password.


Once you close the confirmation box, you should see your brand new team page! This is also where you can invite your friends and family to donate!

Before you move on to asking for donations, locate and click on the "Edit This Page" link in the upper right hand corner of the page.


Once you're in the editing screen, you have the option to adjust a number of things. But you will want to ensure the area circled contains the following copy:


What DO you push for? We push to get fit, have fun and make a difference. Pushups for Charity is an alliance of many of the world's most respected fitness professionals who have come together to support the Boot Campaign, by providing free fitness coaching and exercise programming to all who participate in a Pushups for Charity event, or sponsor someone participating.

We push for America’s wounded military, come push with us to raise $500,000.


To ensure everything is saved, just check out your main team page to see the copy just added.


If everything looks good, you're ready to start collecting donations!

To Ask For Team Donations

On your team page, locate the red "Ask For Donations" button in the upper right hand corner and click on it.


You will then receive a pop up window with options for asking for donations. The orange link circled in red can be used to send people directly to your page to make a donation.

- the green box, in the upper left is to send an email.
- the dark blue box, in the upper right is to share on Facebook.
- The light blue box, in the bottom left is to tweet about donations on twitter.
- The blue box, in the bottom right is to share on LinkedIn.


When you click on one of the share option boxes, it will automatically open a new window to that share site for you.

Thank you for your support and let's have some fun sharing this message of getting fit, having fun, and making a difference with everyone we can!

Keep Pushin'

Join Team Infusionsoft to do pushups and support the Boot Campaign!

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Join Team Infusionsoft to do pushups and support the Boot Campaign!
Check out the video below for more information on how to get involved:

What is this all about?

Pushups for Charity is a project started by NPE now in it's third year dedicated to helping folks get fit, have fun, and make a difference.

The last 2 years we've raised over $400,000 to support wounded soldiers and veterans causes.

This year our goal is to raise $500,000 and we're well on our way!

100% of all donations are a tax deductible expense and go directly to the Boot Campaign (a 501c3 organization) dedicated to showing simple acts of patriotism to raise awareness and giving for those who serve and have served to defend our freedom.

The Contest (and FUN!)

On June 1st we'll be attending the Infusionsoft company meeting and carving out 15 to do pushups!

You can participate by either donating to the Boot Campaign or joining the team to do pushups.

We'll be giving away prizes to:

1) the Infusionsoft employee who gathers the most donations to support the Boot Campaign (you can invite your friends and family to make a flat donation or pledge 25 cents to 1 dollar "per pushup" you perform in 90 seconds.

2) the Infusionsoft employee who does the most pushups in 90 seconds (1 prize for the top female and 1 for the top male) We'll be giving away boots and swag from the Boot Campaign. And also 2 tickets to the Boot Ride event in Hollywood, CA on August 26th with the cast of the hit FX show Sons of Anarchy.

Join the team or donate now!


Join the Team Infusionsoft and participate in Pushups For Charity challenge

When you register we'll be sending you more information via our Crowdrise system to prepare for the competition on Friday!


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Check out the Pushups For Charity Contest we've got going on here!!

Watch the video below and VIP Member Tony Maslan will give you everything you need to know!

Join Team Service with Marcus Luttrell!

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Show your support for Pushups For Charity and join Marcus Luttrell along with the Boot Campaign by joining the Team Service Team!

Click here to go to our team page

Check out the video below on how to join the team!

Pushup Progression with Paul from The Training Spot

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Paul Fetters of the Training Spot in Huntington Beach, CA has HIS boots on and is ready for some pushups with his team as they demonstrate a perfect pushup! Click Here

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