Push Ups Got You Down?

by admin on April 16, 2013

Many people get a little timid when it comes to doing pushups…especially in front of other people.

But, like Joey Jones said before, “It’s not how many pushups you can do, or how well you can do them, it’s the fact you ARE there.”

The Pushups For Charity® event is going to be fun no matter what, and to make sure you have the most fun possible we want you to be as ready as possible.

There are two good ways to insure you’re preparedness:

First, contact your local host who is more than willing to give you some pointers on how to do the most pushups you possibly can.

Second, check out this bodyweight-exercise video for ideas on how to jump-start you’re preparation regimen.

Can bodyweight exercise really get me ready?

If there is a white-hot trend in fitness right now it’s bodyweight strength training. Athletes of all kinds are looking to the toughest, most brutally-productive calisthenics techniques to spice up their workouts. We’re talking one-arm pushups, pistols, pull-ups, handstands and hanging levers. Imagine how much easier a regular pushup will be when you’re able to rock one-arm pushups?

This video comes from Progressive Calisthenics Certification Workshop which is based on the teachings of Convict Conditioning founder, Paul Wade, and his remarkable Convict Conditioning 2, featuring bodyweight maestro Al Kavadlo and his brother Danny. Check out their techniques and start applying.

With this video you will be ready for the Push Ups For Charity event.

Don’t forget one of the most rewarding and meaningful things we do in life is give…and in this case, the more pushups you do the more money you give back to American heroes.

Give someone 90 seconds.

You’ll be glad you did!

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