What Do You Push For?

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If there’s one thing we stand for at Pushups For Charity… it’s pushing.

Pushing beyond your limits.

No matter what life throws at you…

Or how many times you get knocked down…

we PUSH to get back up again, break our limits, serve others, and make a difference.

If you’re new to PUC this year then you’ll appreciate hearing about Captain Chad Fleming, one of our heroes.

Chad was injured on Oct 3, 2005 while serving in Afghanistan.

He calls it his “alive” day.

After 23 surgeries, Chad had his leg amputated.

And went back to active duty in the service.

While Chad might be missing a leg, he knows there are others out there who are missing a whole lot more.

He practices a RELENTLESS attitude and his story is inspiring to say the least.

Head on over to watch Chad’s story and let us know what you push for along with the “reason why” you’re participating in Pushups for Charity this year by posting a comment to the blog!

To your success,
Sean Greeley

Director, Pushups For Charity

P.S. May 18th is now less then 4 weeks away and Pushups For Charity events will be taking place all across the country.

Have you been training for your pushups?

Are you on track to hit your personal fundraising goal this year?

Be sure to tell others what you’re most excited about, why you’re participating in PUC this year, and most importantly…

WHAT YOU PUSH FOR when talking with your friends, family, and co-workers about PUC!

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